I'm currently serving a local software development company. Even that, I'm still happy to receive your thoughts, requests or offers into my mail box.

I feel brave enough to say that I can cover any of this branches of the software development tree:

The importance of the order in your enterprise:

You can ask: what do an analyst do? Observes your enterprise, in detail. Needs to know absolutly how it works. He study it, for days, during the necessary time. Abstracts the functionality in parts, perform models, graphs. He meditate, travel between numbers, formulas, systems and find the most efficient way to handle your activity, aimed from a technology perspective. The way in which you will find the maximum speed of functionality, but without misprize order. On a disordered system, is very difficult understand, know what's happening. It's probably that one doesn't know if has lost (or gained) something. With the pass of time one will realize the importance of be alligned with the order, to grow up, otherwise you can't be fully aware of any grow at all.

Eradicate human error and delegate trivial tasks to the computer:

A computer, being a machine, behaves righteously, always. Do the same, over and over, always giving the same result. A computer have no feelings, doesn't get tired, its quality of perfect computing can't be affected by the exterior. The human being is different. Have "good or bad" days. He's not linear, his mood fluctuate, affected by his environment. The human being get wrong. A mistake, an extra number in an entered amount on old papers system or Excel worksheets can bring about a subsequent confussion, in two months, when the state of a particular stock get inspected and results in absurd numbers. It's necessary to automate EVERY possible tasks that a computer can accomplish, with the consequence of reducing at the maximum the human mistakes. All this have to do with order and certainty. Another obvious consequence is the saved time. Time which can be taken, by the human being, to perform those tasks that the computer CAN'T make by its own (yet, let's see in 15 years from now), and that perhaps before, was left aside, because was no available time to deal with.