Pomodoro Tracker helps you have an order in your daily activities.

Many people who work at the computer, having certain focus, usually loses track of time and get stressed of sight and mind. At the other end of duality there are those who can't keep their attention on their work, even for 10 minutes, being distracted by cell phones, social networks and so on. To balance and eradicate this duality there are tools like Pomodoro Tracker, that together with the user commitment, succeeds in creating a productive work environment with a reduced amount of stress.

Pomodoro Tracker uses the Pomodoro technique that suggests focused lapses of 25 minutes, with 5 minutes of resting in between and a long break of 15 minutes between each fourth Pomodoro. The Pomodoro philosophy indicates that during the course of a Pomodoro (focused lapse of 25 minutes) couldn't be place for distraction, it's necessary to consciously move on, towards producing a final result, premeditated, that may become at the end of the Pomodoro or by concatenating several of them. The rest periods should also be respected, during them it's suggested to revitalize body and mind.

The difference between JorobusLab's Pomodoro Tracker and others is that adds interesting extra features, such as the persistence of data related to pomodoros finished through time attached to certain projects, integration with the cloud via DropBox, integration with Arduino and a Gamification system!

Pomodoro Tracker.


If you are skillful with Arduino, you can integrate a system versus the Pomodoro Tracker. Here is the code and explanation.

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